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It's now OK to buy that big can, even for one small use! Now easily save any brand of Expanding Foam Sealant for future reuse, with the

Twist-n-SEAL® Multi-Use Caulk Plug.

It's One of our favorite uses!


Twist-n-SEAL® Saves both Polyurethane and Latex Expanding Foam Sealant cans.

Works with both Polyurethane and Latex based expanding foam sealants, read Expected Results below.

When you seal the straw of a freshly used expanding foam sealant can, the

curing or drying process in the straw will be stabilized and drastically slowed

down.  After several hours polyurethane foam actually deflates and turns

back into its liquid form (See Below). When the  Twist-n-SEAL® plug is

removed, uncured liquid passes through the straw allowing for

 re-use of the can.

Expected Results, Polyurethane: Polyurethane expanding foam sealant can be saved from an average of 2 weeks and may be much more. It is not uncommon for some cans to last for several months or more with proper storage.

Expected Results, Latex: Latex based expanding foam sealants can be saved very successfully for much longer periods of time of 3 to 6 months, or even more with proper storage conditions. Latex based cans have been known to be reusable even after a year of proper storage. 

Proper Storage Instructions: Screw the Twist-n-SEAL® Plug minimal (1-2) revolutions only into the straw of your foam sealant can, immediately after use. Do Not Over-Tighten. Make sure the straw /nozzle is screwed firmly onto can. Store can in 
cool, dry area away from sunlight.

To Remove: Pinch the Straw firmly near the Plug and unscrew out. Our special custom blend of plastic resin includes

a Teflon additive for easier removal.  If desired a thin layer of grease or other lubricant can also be added to the plug

when using with glue & polyurethane materials to help ensure a clean removal and easy reuse.  

How does Twist-n-SEAL®​ Save Polyurethane Foam Sealant ?

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