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Twist-n-SEAL NEWS 2017

A Proven Seller for Lee Valley & Veritas who sells the Twist-n-SEAL® 5 pack for their 7th consecutive year!  You can purchase through their Mail Order Catalogs, Online, and in all their Canadian stores.  Request a Catalog.

After years of "plugging away" well over 1 Million Twist-n-Seal® Multi-Use Caulk Plug's have been sold!
It takes about 7,000 Lbs or 448 cubic feet of raw plastic material to yield 1 million Twist-n-SEAL® Plugs which is enough to fill a small garage from the floor to ceiling, WOW!

LOWE'S CANADA enters into their third year of selling the Twist-n-SEAL® Plug and has now moved the product off of the paint department counter and into the caulk isle.

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