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Replaces Lost Caps

Twist-n-SEAL® Multi-Use Caulk Plug Replaces Lost of all sizes Caps!

A creative home owner uses the Twist-n-SEAL® plug to seal a plastic gas can when he looses the supplied cap.

Painters Use to 
Seal Paint-Stick
Fill Nozzles!

Painters use to seal common paint-stick nozzles for easy storing and future reuse, without the need for removing and cleaning the lid and nozzle.

Small Engine Repair
Seals Gas Lines!

A small engine repairman uses the Twist-n-SEAL® Plug to seal gas lines when removing gas tanks from small engines, eliminating the need to siphon tank.

Industrial Uses!

Industrial manufacture uses the Twist-n-SEAL® to seal the air vent holes they drill in all shapes and sizes of their 5 gallon bucket lids, which allows for fast and easy "chug-free" pouring.

 Plastic/Vinyl/Nylon Hoses. 

Twist-n-SEAL® Plug Temporarily seals many types of plastic lines from

1/8 to 7/16 c​ontaining  low pressure liquids, oil, gas, air, and more...


* Our special glass filled Nylon material will Not dissolve in most solvents. Always test first.  

Still working after 5 years!

In an emergency a homeowner seals a hole left in the side of their house from a removed TV cable that was badly leaking water during a heavy downpour. It was still working after 5 years! Read the Full Testimonial...

What's Your Unique Use? Please let us know!

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