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Our New Package Is In!

We are excited to announce that 2011 is bringing great new changes to the identity of the Twist-n-SEAL® Plug product!

Twist-n-SEAL® is expanding upon the full identity of our versatile product from one that implies we only save caulk.
Because our product is so versatile we are updating the description and identity of our product to Twist-n-SEAL® MULTI-USE CAULK PLUG. This new description will be implemented on all packaging and website site content, and previous package versions will no longer be available.
This change will give consumers a better understanding of how versatile our product is, and will help make them more aware of our many other uses.

But don't worry, nothing else has changed! We are still the exact same product made 100% in USA as we have always been, were just breaking out of our shell!

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