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The Twist-n-SEAL® Plug is so strong it can amazingly hold 5,000 times it's own weight!

This actual picture  with a freshly used caulk tube shows the amazing patented plugging power of the Twist-n-SEAL® Plug. Our highly engineered design provides an effective air tight seal with incredible strength and durability for saving caulk tubes, squeeze tubes, foam sealant cans, and more...

This leak test using colored water in a clear caulk tube shows how the Twist-n-Seal Plug forms a water tight seal in most plastic openings.    

How strong are the patented threads on the Twist-n-Seal Plug?

Made 100% in The USA

Actual individual unit size is 1/8" to 7/16" diameter x 2 1/8" inches tall.

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