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Customer Testimonials

Here are a few of our true and unsolicited testimonials from our customers and 'fans' around the country.

Dear Sirs,
I am a General contractor and wanted to let you know how much I have used and enjoyed your product.

I have tried many different caulk tube plugs, from dowel pins, screws and nails to other commercial plug products that are on the market. They do not work. Yours do work every time - Yours are the best! Thanks for making your Twist-n-SEAL CAULK PLUGS!

Roger P. Salina, KS

Using your plug with expanding foam sealant it GREAT! Until now, I would wait to open a can until I could use it all at once. Now I use it at will, and just screw your plug into the end of the tube. I opened a can after about a month later and used it like it was new. THAT'S FANTASTIC!

Thank you,

Rich H. Independent general Contractor in Round Lake, IL

Thank you for saving my basement from flooding! We had a hole in our house left from a TV cable that was removed, and never filled in with caulk. We had forgot the hole was even there until one day when we had torrential rains and water was pouring through this pencil sized hole into our finished basement. In a panic we needed to stop the leaking and ‘plug the hole' immediately when we remembered we had a package of your Twist-n-Seals. We screwed one into the hole in the wood and it was like a miracle, the water totally stopped. Thank you so much for these these Plugs!

​​Cindy P. Farmington Hills, MI


Twist-n-Seal;  I've used nails, pencils, dowels and even packing tape to try to keep my nozzles clear, and none consistently work; when I try to use them again, the tube is soft but the nozzle is solid. The Twist-n-Seal stopper forms an air-tight seal in plastic nozzles by tapping threads in the malleable plastic. The threads will withstand 40 Lbs. of axial force so it won't pop out. The glass-reinforced plastic is non-stick and is removed by unscrewing it from the tube. The top is flattened to stand upright when removed, keeping things clean on your work space. You can order the Twist-n-Seal at Lee Valley for $3.20 /package of five.

This is genius. You know when you have that tube of RTV out and you just need a squirt of it? Typically, you simply stick a nail or screw in the freshly cut nozzle and hope for the best the next time you have to use that tube. Of course, it’s always a screwy mess of partially dried and tacky RTV that you have to fight through to get to the fresh stuff. No more fellas…

Check out the Twist-n-seal from Lee Valley. I just ordered mine.

By Lee Wallender, Guide

The Bottom Line - A neat little (and inexpensive) accessory for caulk that you didn't know you needed: A twist-in plug to seal caulk tube nozzles.Twist-n-Seal

It's happened to everyone;  you get a new tube of caulk or PL, you use just a little bit of it, then a week later when you try to use it again the tube is soft but the nozzle is rock hard. We've tried all the same lame solutions that you have, the nail down the end, the blue tape wrapped around the end, and all the other half assed attempts at preserving the tubeCaulk Saver Plug.
A company with the odd name of Ultra Mold Technologies has a new product that is a one size fits all version of the caulk cap. The way it works is that instead of capping the nozzle from the outside, it's a threaded, tapered plug that can fit inside any tube or openings between 1/8 to 7/16. This not only works for caulk tubes but for other things like cans of spray foam sealant.
A package of five costs about $3, but if you buy more than one, the price drops.'m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

​Glue Stopper Keeps Nozzles Clear
By Steve Carroll

Twist-n-Seal® Caulking Gun Accessory - Rating: Four Star​

By Jon Eakes:  Let me finish with my find of the month, Twist-n-Seal. This product is nothing short of genius. This brilliant little pyramid shaped plug with a spiral screw thread and an easy grab handle costs about $0.60. Yet the plastic is tough, not brittle, and the threads are almost hardened meaning they will actually create matching threads in the tip of your glue or caulking tube.
The shape, meanwhile, means the same plug will fit just about any sized opening. The type of plastic and the lubricant formed into it means that even polyurethane adhesive will not adhere to it. It screws in tightly enough to resist compound run-on even when a tube heats up in the sun. Unscrew it, pop off the excess left when you put it on and you're ready to gun again.
I tested it all summer long and am buying more.​​

Home Builder Magazine  -  Read our great review by one of the industries top DIY experts Jon Eakes, published in Home Builder Magazine.​ 


J​on Eakes stared in North Americas first TV home improvement show, has a radio show, authors the TOOL TALK column in Home Builder Magazine and he has one of the most extensive home improvement sites on the web.​

It seems that everyone has a favorite way to preserve a partially used tube of caulk. Here are a few of the techniques that I’ve tried: duct tape, wood dowel, long decking screw and wire nut, and they all work for a little while.  However, I recently discovered a simple, inexpensive product that keeps caulk fresher longer than any method I’ve ever tried. Twist’n Seal is actually a rather highly engineered little product. First, it’s made from fiber-reinforced nylon which is extremely resilient and durable. And its long, tapered nose is molded with super-fine threads that produce air-tight seals in nozzle openings ranging from 1/8 inch to 7/16 inch in diameter.  Simply twist the 2-inch-long plug tightly into the nozzle opening by hand. According to the manufacturer, Twist’n Seal will extend the life of latex and acrylic-based caulks for three months or more. It’s also effective for sealing up all sorts of squeeze tubes, cans of aerosol-foam sealant, and lengths of rubber tubing (as shown above).

Twist’n Seal Plug is not only highly effective, it’s also very fairly priced: $2 for a three-pack, and $3 for a five-pack.​

Posted by Joseph Truini 

Read our fantastic review in The Hardware Aisle column at ​,  written  by  D.I.Y.  expert  ​​Joseph Truini.​  Joe is a lifelong expert in the construction field being an accomplished union carpenter, a cabinet maker, has written for several national publications, and has authored several related books in the field including a bestseller.      ​


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